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Frequuently Asked Questions

  • What is Semonila Flour?

    Semolina flour is the primary ingredient in Mana pasta produced from durum wheat and contains natural yellow pigments, antioxidants, high amounts of vitamins, proteins, salts and nutrients.

  • How should pasta be stored?

    The pasta must be in a completely cool and dry place away from direct sunlight such as a cupboard or pantry.
    Pasta should not be kept near detergent and chemical.
    If you open the pasta package and do not use some of it, keep the rest of the pasta in the container.

  • How much pasta should be considered per person?

    For each person, 100 gr of dry pasta is required.

  • What is a Pasta Sides?

    Pasta Sides with separate sauce powder is produced in 6 different flavors (Smoky / Pizza / Basil & Tomato / Cheese and Curry / Mushroom & Cheese / Ketchup) and helps people who do not have enough time to prepare a delicious meal, to prepare a delicious and quality pasta in a very short time.

  • Each package of Pasta Sides is suitable for how many people?

    A Pasta Sides pack is typically for two Women or one man.

  • What materials used to make colored pasta?

    Spinach powder is used for green pasta, and tomato powder is used for red pasta.

  • How much calories is there in 100 grams of pasta ?

    100 grams of pasta, it has 350 kilos of calories.

  • What vitamins are made in the body when eating pasta?

    Vitamin A (due to beta-carotene in semolina flour, a precursor to vitamin A)

  • What is the benefits of pasta?

    Because of the nature of carbohydrates, pasta is a valuable food. Each serving of pasta can provide one-fifth of the daily iron needs of the individual. Mana Pasta also uses beta-carotene as a natural food color in its products, which is also effective in preventing heart disease and cancers.

  • What is the benefits of Enriched Pasta?

    Enriched pasta has vitamins B1, B2, B3 and iron, which is recommended for people with anemia.

  • What is the benefits of Spaghetti Plus Fiber?

    This spaghetti also contains wheat fiber in addition to water and semolina flour. Due to the presence of fiber in preventing colon cancer, fat loss and weight loss are very effective.

  • What is the difference between spaghetti and linguine?

    Due to its cross-section, linguine is also referred to as a flat spaghetti. Unlike spaghetti, which is eaten more often with meat and tomato compounds, linguine is usually served with seafood (shrimp) or pesto sauce.

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