Flour Factory History

The Mana flour Co. in 2011, on an area of 50,000 square meters, has started the construction of a flour mill that has two flour production lines, the first line for the production of raw materials for all types of pasta that require special flour for dough products, such as Pasta, spaghetti, noodle and vermicelli, which are extracted from hard or durum wheat with a protein of more than 12.5% and a wet gluten more than 30%, and a second line of flour production of confectionary , star and ... the raw material of the types of sweet ,the industrial and semi-industrial breads and cakes are used to equip the most modern flour mill using the latest world technology of the day by high-tech Swiss Buhler as well as professional manpower, one of the largest and most important motherland industries in IRAN. The Mana flour Co. also has the ability to produce flour types, which can be found on the flour of semolina and rough null, soft null, star flour, etc. The plant has two wheat discharges with a capacity of 200 t / h and a storage capacity of 40,000 tonnes of wheat in steel and concrete silos. All stages of production from wheat to flour exit are controlled and tracked by the latest generation PLC of Buhler Company. In the field of wheat harvesting and preparation for milling, in addition to the conventional machines, there is a Sortox + Z machine that complements the boat operation and Separates any impurities based on color.

In addition to this, DC Collector has a significant effect on the cleanliness of wheat before entering the mill and reducing ash. The flour mill has two lines of 300 tons (semi-hard wheat) and 200 tons (durum wheat), which can produce four types of flour (bran, star, soft null, rough null) and semolina line produce two types soft and rough semolina. In addition to having a SORTEX machine in the secondary, the durum line also uses a durable wheat cutter that can isolate 5% of the bran before entering the mill line, which affects the production of semolina in the bottom ash. It is great.

All the main machines, mills, are from the latest generations produced by Buhler and stainless steel, and the pipes used in the mill are also highly health-resistant, and the final product produced in The flour silos are individually kept individually and delivered to the market based on the customer's need for bagging and bulk. The flour storage diversity of this plant is more than 15 different silos.

In order to guarantee the quality of the product harvested, using the best-equipped laboratory in the heart of the factory and laboratory equipment, with the help of laboratory experts, all the wheat tested and the products tested during physical, chemical, microbial and organo-logical tests And the product of the highest quality according to national standards is presented to the market. The Mana flour mill meets all the requirements of ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 and has been successful in obtaining the above mentioned ISO.