Mana Factory History

The MANA pasta factory was established in 1989 in Hashtgerd Industrial City with a total area of 3 hectares with an infrastructure of 18000 square meters. It was established with the aim of producing various and Iranian tasteful products. The factory is in the field of production and packaging, equipped with fully automated machines Swiss BUHLER and Italian PAVAN, as well as storage, quality control and labs of the latest and most technologically advanced technologies in the world.

Quality Control
In order to control, maintain and enhance the quality and safety of manufactured products in MANA Manufactuer, quality Management systems are based on the ISO 9001:2008 standard and food safety Management based on the ISO22000:2005 standard.

All input items including raw materials and consumables, the products during the production process and the final product are tested in the quality control lab using the world's best laboratory equipment. Equipment such as carton strength meter, microbial and chemical hoods, conventional and refrigerated incubators, ultra-fast moisture meters , owens and sensitive laboratory scales are used in the MANA Food Industry Laboratory.

Also, to ensure the quality of the products during storage, all products remain in quarantine for 72 hours and after the control and verification of the sample, the control products will be distributed by qualified experts in the field of quality control, the product will be marketed.

Lines for production and packaging
Maintaining and improving the quality and safety of manufactured products is one of the main goals of the MANA food industry. In order to achieve this goal, the most advanced and up-to-date lines and equipment for production and packaging are used at MANA Factory. Production in all lines is continuous. Also, the system is completely closed and from the moment the flour is flooded in the flour silos, until the completion of the process of packing all the processes automatically and only with the operator's supervision. Control systems, with the help of computer, electronic and PLC technologies, control the entire production process and minimize the possibility of errors during production.

All production lines have Remote Troubleshooting feature and if any problems are encountered, the technical experts of the company will be logged in and resolved through the Internet.

The use of advanced polymayic technology in dough tanks will allow the dough to be made in 20 seconds, and this, along with the vacuum created during the formation of dough, reduces the possibility of growth and multiplication of bacteria and mildew to a minimum.

Packing lines use precision scales for accurate weighing with errors of less than 2%. Also, in order to protect consumer rights and ensure the accuracy of package weight, the weight control system has been put in place at the end of the packaging lines, and, in addition, all packets are weighed after weighing, and in the case of inappropriate packaging weights, as Automatic separation, all cartons are also weighed to ensure the correct number of packages inside the carton. Also, the Automatic and Advanced Metal Detector system also detects any metal in the package and automatically closes it.

Among the new products that are welcomed by consumers in the European and American industrial countries due to the ease and speed of preparation, as well as the variety of taste for different taste groups, semi-ready pasta. MANA Manufactuer Company has been producing and distributing this product in 6 flavors since last year using the world-wide technology in the field of production and packaging, as well as preparing and distribution a taste-compliant formula.

In order to make optimal use of space, the storage system is used at altitude. For this purpose, class shelves with a height of 10 meters have been used. Used to place product pallets inside the shelves of the floor, a grater is used. This machine can carry pallets up to 10 meters in height.

In order to ensure that standard environmental conditions are maintained in the warehouse, the temperature and humidity of the warehouse are continuously monitored and controlled by quality control inspectors. Also, the production series of all shipped products and their place of loading are logged by warehouse experts and quality control inspectors, so that in case of any potential health and safety problem, there is a possibility to trace and recall products.