1. The presence of the Mana Food Industries Company at the Dubai Gulfood Exhibition

    Date: 2019
    Place: Dubai's Gulfood Food and Beverage Fair

    Dubai's Gulfood Food and Beverage Fair is one of the world's leading exhibitions, with over 5,000 local, regional and international suppliers from over 5 continents annually offering industry-leading opportunities for major global competitions and foreign markets. .  The 24th round of the Gulfood Expo, as in previous years, was held in Dubai on February 17-21, 2019. Suppliers of raw materials from 120 countries presented their latest achievements in the food and drink industry. The Mana Food Industries Group, with the goal of expanding its exports to this exhibition period, was held at the Dubai International Fair for Exhibitions, welcomed a large number of visitors from different countries of the world and was able to introduce its products to world markets.